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Enrolled: 2 students
Duration: 45 Days
Lectures: 1
Level: Intermediate

Ankush sir will take this online live training on schedule date and time. You will get email confirmation regarding same.

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Oracle 19C Training 9AM To 10AM IST

11.30 PM to 00.30 AM EST

45 Days

Few key areas of training

  1. Oracle 19C+dataguard+ASM+Unix+shell scripting+performance tuning
  2. Limited students per batch
  3. All session get recorded
  4. 24*7 support
  5. Basic fees compare to market
  6. Online Batch
  7. Flexible timing
  8. Notification about job vacancies
  9. Real time scenario
  10. Daily Assignment
  11. Training Syllabus
  12. Resume preparation
  13. 100 % Job Assistant

Let us look out for the Oracle DBA training syllabus.

Duration of Training: 45 days (Daily and Weekend)

Linux Installation

Vmware Installation and vmware architecture

Winscp software Installation

Learn to install Linux with relevant packages.


1)      Understand HDD partitioning


2)      Package download and Installation


Understanding DNS and DHCP


1)      Installation of configuration of DNS.


2)      Installation and configuration of DHCP


Installing 19c Oracle Database Software


1) Download Oracle database software


2) Install and configure 19c Oracle Database Software


3) Database Installation using Silent Mode


Creating 19c databases (manual)


1)      Creating 19C Database manually


19c database Architecture.


1) Thorough understanding of 19C architecture


Oracle Administration and management.


1)      starting databases


2)      understanding control files / redo log files / archive files


3)      understanding Server parameter file and password files


4)      Automatic memory management


5)      Different components in SGA and PGA


Tablespaces / segments / extents and blocks


1)      Dictionary managed versed locally managed tablespaces.


2)      Automatic Segment space management


3)      Understanding Segments / extents and blocks


4)      Block utilization parameters


6)      Different block Sizes


12c Multitenant Database concepts and new features


1)      Understanding multitenant architecture


2)      Overviews of Pluggable databases


3)      Installation of Pluggable database with different way


Oracle networking and shared process overview


1)      Configuring and maintaining listeners


2)      SQL Developer Installation


3)      Understand how to connect SQL Developer with Oracle 19C  database.


 ASM overview and benefits


1)      Complete Overview of ASM


2)     Understand the need of ASM


3)     ASM instance parameters


Rman and conventional Backup / Recovery


1)      Defining backup strategy


2)      Complete understanding of RMAN and conventional backups


Rman and Conventional Cloning


1)      Cloning database using conventional methods


2)      Cloning database using rman


Applying patches


1)      Different types of Patches


2)      How to apply patch to database


Database upgrade


1)      Upgrade Database from 12C to 19C


2)      Coverting 12c noncdb to 12c pluggable database


Physical and logical Standby/ Data guard


1)      Configure physical standby database


2)      Understanding logical and snapshot standby database


Oracle Shell Scripting overview.


1)      understanding cronjob


2)      writing basic scripts


AWR reports / ADDM reports / ASH report


1)      Understand how to read the AWR  / ADDM / ASH reports


expdp / impdp backups


1)      Taking logical backups using expdp


2)      Data pump usage and scenarios


Real time Scenarios


Loss of a Control File


Loss of a Redo Log File


Loss of a Data File in NOARCHIVELOG Mode


Loss of a Noncritical Data File in ARCHIVELOG Mode


Loss of a System-Critical Data File in ARCHIVELOG Mode


Oracle Recovery Manager


Backups using Oracle Recovery Manager


Recovery using Oracle recovery manager


Database Cloning using RMAN


Tablespace Point in time recovery


Incomplete recovery


Database and Instance Metrics


Reacting to Performance Issues


Proactive Maintenance


Server Generated Alerts




Setting Thresholds


Performance tuning


Index Rebuild


Stats gather


Generate AWR reports / ADDM reports / ASH report


Blocking in SQL statement


Interview Questions


Frequently asked Interview question will cover after end of session


Mock Interview


Will take mock interview and also provide solution which will help to crack interview


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Yes , Its online course. You will get zoom meeting details after enrollment.
Yes !! You will get recording of daily class
Usually we keep 10 student per batch
We provide job assistance. We will help you with mock interview, resume preparation and interview question
Yes. You will get certification after course completion
Yes. You can send message to instructor and instructor will take your system control
Ankush sir class is of full interaction. you can ask as my question as you want ?
Duration is 45 days. Daily one hour class.
Time is 9 AM IST | 10:30 PM CST | 11.30 PM EST
Please reach out to Email - Mob No - +91 996026295
We are confident on our training and also had very good experience from candidates. We do not entertain any refund.

Thanks for enrolling the course. You will get the email from Ankush sir with training details.

Please WhatsApp Ankush Sir for more information.

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