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Learn Oracle Cloud✅ OCA trainer, 10+yrs exp ✅ 30 Hrs Live sessions, ✅ Online Support 24*7 ✅ Material & Real-time Scenarios ✅ Oracle Certification (OCP Certification ) Guidance.

Modules covered in The Ultimate Oracle Cloud Training

The objective of this training is to explain the fundamental concepts of Oracle Cloud. At the end of this training, the participants are expected to have Oracle Cloud knowledge and will be able to start working on live projects.

Module 1
Introduction to OCI
Module 2
Cloud Concepts and Getting Started with OCI
Module 3
Identity & Access Management (IAM) Service
Module 4
Module 5
Module 6
Module 7
Load Balancer
Module 8
Module 9
Observability and Management-Introduction
Module 10
Observability and Management-Monitoring
Module 11
Observability and Management-Logging
Module 12
Guidance on Certification and Resume Preparation,Interview and Job Assistance
A Curriculum that prepares you to thrive in the Industry as an Oracle Cloud Expert

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Course Overview

  • All OCI concepts required for OCI Architect Associate & Professional Certification Exams.
  • Learn Cloud Computing Concepts and OCI Architecture Hands on from OCI Industry Expert.
  • Master OCI key services like Identity and Access Management (IAM), Compute, Storage etc.
  • Build expertise in OCI Core Services Networking, Database, Load Balancer, Security etc.
  • Hands on deployment of wide variety of applications in Cloud
  • Configure OCI Core Services for Real Time Use Cases
  • OCI Messaging/Notification Service, Tagging, Resource Manager, and Cost Management
  • Provide guidance for OCI Architect Foundation and Associate Certification Exams
  • Provide support in Resume and Interview Preparation

This course is designed for those who want to enter Cloud or have experience in Infrastructure and ready to
move into Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

What are the pre-requisites for this Course?

  • Oracle DBA

Course Content

  • What is Cloud Computing
  • Service Models & types of Cloud
  • Cloud Terminology
  • Cloud Providers

  • Why OCI?
  • OCI Global Footprint
  • OCI Architecture – Regions, Availability Domains (AD) and Fault Domains (FD)
  • OCI Regions with one AD regions
  • What factors to consider while choosing a region?
  • How to avoid single points of failure?
  • How to design High Availability, Scale and Performance Network within AD
  • OCI Services Overview
  • High level overview of the course content

  • Oracle Cloud Account Sign Up Process for Free Tier Account
  • Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Console Overview

  • Domains, Users and Groups
  • Authentication and Authorization in IAM
  • IAM Policies, Policy Syntax and Verbs & Permissions
  • IAM Common Policies, Advanced IAM Policies & Advanced Policy Syntax
  • IAM Compartments, Policy Inheritance and Attachment for Compartments
  • Moving Compartments and Policy Implications to consider while moving Compartments.
  • Understand how to use Tags and Audit Service effectively.

  • Introduction to Networking Concepts
  • CIDR Basics
  • Introduction to Virtual Cloud Network
  • IP Address range for VCN, Public and Private IP Addresses
  • Subnets, Gateways and Route Tables
  • Internet, NAT, Service, Dynamic Gateways
  • Peering, Local and Remote Peering
  • Transit Routing, Hub and Spoke & private access.
  • Security List (SL) and Network Security Group (NSG)
  • Stateful and Stateless Security Rules
  • Virtual Cloud Network Summary

  • Introduction to OCI Load Balancing Service
  • Public and Private Load Balancer
  • Regional Subnets and AD Specific Subnets
  • Load Balancing Policies and Health Checks

  • Introduction to OCI Compute Service
  • Bare Metal, VM and Dedicated Hosts
  • Machine Images, Custom Images and Oracle Provided Images
  • Image Import/Export, Bring your own Image (BYOI)
  • Custom Boot Volume, Custom Image versus Boot Volume Backup
  • Instance Configurations, Pools, Autoscaling
  • Autoscaling Configurations
  • Instance Metadata
  • Instance Lifecycle
  • OCI Compute Service Summary

  • Introduction
  • Object Storage Service
  • Use cases for Object Storage usage.
  • Object Naming
  • Object Storage Tiers and Capabilities
  • Object Storage Access and Authentication
  • Object lifecycle management
  • Copying objects from one region to another
  • Object Storage Summary

  • Introduction to OCI Storage Services
  • Block Volume Service
  • Creating and Attaching Block Volumes
  • Detaching and Deleting Block Volumes
  • Block Volume Resize, Back Up and Restoration
  • Clone, Volume Groups & Boot Volumes

  • Introduction to OCI Storage Services
  • File Storage Service Use Cases
  • File Storage service Features
  • Mount Target
  • File System, FSS Paths, Mounting an OCI File System
  • File Storage Service Security
  • Security Lists, Export Option and Snapshots

  • Introduction to OCI Database Service
  • Virtual Machine (VM) Database (DB) Systems
  • VM DB Systems Storage Architecture
  • Bare Metal DB Systems
  • Bare Metal DB Systems Storage Architecture
  • DB Systems – VM, BM, Exadata
  • Database Editions, Versions and Options
  • Managing & Patching DB Systems
  • Patching DB Systems
  • Automatic Backup and Restore
  • High Availability and Scalability
  • Oracle Data Guard

  • Introduction to OCI Database Service
  • Autonomous Database Options
  • Autonomous Database Cloud Deployment Options
  • Autonomous Database – Fully-Managed and Serverless
  • Automated Tuning in Autonomous Database
  • Autonomous Data Warehouse: Architecture
  • Autonomous Transaction Processing: Architecture
  • Getting Started with Autonomous Database
  • Auto Scaling & Securing Autonomous Database (ADB)
  • Connecting to ADB & troubleshooting connectivity issues
  • Scaling Your Database & Monitoring
  • Autonomous Database (ADB) Cloud – Backup and recovery
  • Autonomous Database Cloud – Cloning

  • Introduction to High Availability Concepts
  • Availability Domains & Fault Domains
  • Avoid Single Points-of-Failure.
  • Regional and AD Specific Subnets
  • High Availability for OCI: Connectivity
  • Configure Load Balancer for High Availability

  • Create and Access OCI Budgets
  • Set up Budgets Alert Emails
  • Accessing Usage Reports
  • Service Limits and Usage
  • Compartment Quotas
  • Quota Policies with Examples
  • Cost Management Best Practices

  • Different Ways to Access OCI
  • Developer Tools with OCI
  • Command Line Interface (CLI)
  • Software Development Tool Kits (SDKs)
  • Installing & Configuring Oracle Cloud Infrastructure CLI
  • Working with OCI Services with CLI - Check Connectivity

  • Introduction to OCI Monitoring Service
  • Metrics, Metric Queries & Alarms
  • Use cases for OCI Monitoring Service
  • Introduction to OCI Notification Service
  • OCI Notifications Use Cases

  • Why do I need tags?
  • Tags Details & Tag Namespace
  • Searching and Securing Tags
  • Automating Tag Application
  • Working with Defined Tags
  • Defined Tags Work with Policies

  • Explain certification options available in OCI
  • Provide tips on how to clear for OCI Architect Associate & Professional Certification
  • Help with Resume Preparation as OCI Infrastructure Specialist
  • Discuss common interview questions in OCI

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Classroom Training

Lives interactive sessions delivered in our classroom by our expert trainers with real-time scenarios.

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Online Training

Learn from anywhere over internet, joining the live sessions delivered by our expert trainers.

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Self-Pace Training

Learn through pre-recorded video sessions delivered by experts with your own pace and timings

For Coporate Training, We provide customized content and delivered by industry experts with complete practical demonstration, discussions and exercises based on practical use cases.


Batch Date Batch Mode Start Time (IST) Duration
01/05/2024 Online 7:30 am 45 Days


  • Even if you have a career gap, we offer job assistance.
  • 24*7 dedicated online support team to help you.
  • Lectures Delivered by our experts having 10+ years exp.
  • 60 Online Sessions.
  • 3 months access for Recorded videos.
  • Technical support through chat & email
  • 100% practical Oriented CLasses.
  • Real-time projects and certificate guidance
  • Get Certificate on course completion

Course Fee

For Students accessing the course from India

Course Fee: ₹34,999
Launch Discount: ₹10,000

  Offer Price: ₹24,999*  
*Valid for limited period

3 & 6 Months No Cost EMI available on all major Credit Cards.

For Students accessing the course from outside India

Course Fee: $499
Launch Discount: $100

  Offer Price: $399*  
*Valid for limited period

3 & 6 Months No Cost EMI available on all major Credit Cards.

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Unique Benefits included in this training

  • BEST TRAINER : OCM Certified, 10 Yrs exp and delivered more than 40 batches
  • QUALITY CONTENT : More content including advance features covered better in Industry
  • BEST PRICE : Affordable and best competitive price in the market

How learners like you are achieving their goals

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Highly recommended training, covered so many topic, to set student ready for job. The instructor is very concise, patient and knowledgeable on the real time scenarios. provides many tools for all to succeed. Great Price $$$. 99.99999% satisfied.

Clint Images
Clint Images

I was searching for a software course to start a career in IT sector. I am not from an it background so one of my friend told me about Oracle DBA and recommend Ankush sir for training. Joining the classes really help me to know about the basics and to get the hands-on-experience. Awesome Trainer and extremely helpful he explain things in a simple way and also give real time training. Thank you sir or your very valuable training.

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Kiran Dalvi
Clint Images

Ankush Sir is the best trainer of oracle DBA. The way of teaching of ankush sir is great he is giving real time training , I have no word to say about ankush sir. He is the best trainer on earth.

Clint Images
Clint Images

Awesome Trainer and extremely helpful he explains things in a simple way and also gives real time training unlike other trainers. Would 100% recommend him.

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Nasreen Fatima
Clint Images

A very knowledgeable person whom you can rely on anytime. Ankush sir is always ready to help with any of our queries and also will not let go of any issue until its fixed. Highly recommended for everyone. Thank you so much for your efforts sir.

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Ankush Thavali Sir

Oracle DBA Trainer Pune, MH, India

Ankush Thavali Sir is the best trainer of Oracle DBA. The way of teaching of Ankush sir is great. He is giving real time training . He makes things simple and understandable. He is up to date with advanced IT skills. He spent his past 10 years as Oracle DBA with skills into DBA Support. High Availability Design & Implementations, Technical Solutions, Automation using Scripting, Database Designing & as a Corporate Trainer too. He worked with many MNC's like infosys, cognizant, wipro, LTI & having 10+ Years of experience With deep technical knowledge. Now he is CEO at Learnomate Technologies. Ankush thavali sir has implemented many real time projects on advance Database areas. His certification list includes, The Oracle Certified Associate (OCA). He is an expertise in OS Administrations, Virtualizations/VMWare and Oracle Database 8i/9i/10g/11g & 12c,19c, RAC, Data Guard, ASM, Oracle Exadata, Oracle Performance Tuning, Golden Gate, Oracle Security & many more advance technologies.

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