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30 Days Software Training Program

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By Ankush Thavali, Top Rated Instructor at Learnomate
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“Embark on a transformative journey with our 1-month free software training campaign! Dive into the world of cutting-edge technology and enhance your skills in SQL, Linux, Power BI, Excel, Python and more.

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What You'll Learn From this training Program?

  • SQL - Introduction to SQL, Theoretical Concepts and Importance of SQL, SQL Commands DML- Insert, Update, Delete, Call, Explain call, Lock DDL- Create, Drop, Alter Truncate DQL- Select DCL- Grant, Revoke TCL- Commit, Savepoint, Rollback, Set Transaction, Set Constraints SQL Clauses AND, OR, Not, Where, In, Between, Top, Group by, Having, Like, Order by SQL Operators Min & Max, Count, Average, Sum, Any, All SQL Join Inner Join , Outer Join, Left Join , Right Join , Full join , self join
  • Linux- Introduction and installation of Ubuntu. Change ownership/ owner Change permissions of files, groups Create linux group Linux Commands
  • Excel- Basic Excel Functions, Data Entry and formatting, Formulas and Functions Data Tables and ranges Charts and Graphs Pivot tables and Pivot charts Data Validation
  • PowerBI- Data Connections and Data Transformation, Importing data from various sources, Data cleaning and transformation, Data Visualization, Building interactive reports and dashboards
  • Python- Python Basics Introduction to Python, Input/Output Operators Data Types Control FLow Loops
  • All session Practical based
  • Career guidence from Experts
  • Q & A sessions

This Masterclass is for

  • Students
  • Freshers who have completed graduation from any background
  • Experienced
  • IT-Non It professionals


Ankush Thavali

SQL, Linux, DBA
  • Pune, MH, India

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