How To  Generate an ADDM Report?


ADDM (Automatic Database Diagnostic Monitoring) Report:

Automatic Database Diagnostic Monitoring Report analyzes the AWR data on a regular basis, to give you overview of the root cause of the problem which is affecting your database’s performance. It also provides suggestions or recommendations for rectifying any problem identified and lists the areas which are having no issues. ADDM recommends multiple solutions for the DBA to choose from which includes,

  • Database Configuration

  • Hardware changes

  • Schema changes

  • Application changes & 

  • Other advisories

ADDM refines the report based on the key factor DB time (cumulative time spent by database to process user requests). Below mentioned is the script to generate ADDM:


1) Login to DB Server as oracle 

2) export ORACLE_SID=PrimeDG

4) sqlplus / as sysdba


To pull the report, use WinSCP and pull the html file to you laptop. 

10) Start WinSCP and configure it connect to server with “oracle” username. 

11) Copy the file form UNIX (right side) to Windows (left side).

12) Double click the file to open the report in browser.

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