Oracle Databse Monitoring tool | OEM Introduction

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  • 18 May, 2019
  • 1 Min Read

Oracle Databse Monitoring tool | OEM Introduction

Oracle enterprise manager (OEM) is monitoring tool for Oracle database server. Oracle enterprise manager monitor to Oracle database, Oracle database server, agent, listener and all the targets which are registered with the Oracle enterprise manager.

Oracle enterprise manager tool is provided by the Oracle itself and having more demand for the Oracle database administration.

Following are targets can be monitor with the help of OEM cloud control

  1. Databases
  2. Databases servers
  3. Listener
  4. Agent
  5. Listener

Whenever we are installing any new above targets then we need to register the target with OEM. OEM Agent is responsible to monitor to database targets.

We can configure alerts if any targets goes down. these alerts passed to mailbox to emaild.

Database backups can be configure with the help of OEM. if the backup get failed then we will receive the error details.

As we know database goes into hung state when archive location gets full. We can configure auto archive backup in OEM whenever archive mount point gets filled with threshold. all this configuration available in OEM with easy steps.

OEM also helps to integrate ticketing tools with OEM. e.g. if your database goes down then you will receive alerts in your mailbox along with database information and error code.

OEM really helps for database performance tuning. We can check top activities happening on database.we can easily understand that who is consuming more resources.

Administration part like database startup,shutdown possible with the help of OEM.Reporting kind of work like database growth,performance tuning report like awr,addm,ash report can be fetched with the OEM cloud control.

OEM is really good tool for monitoring of the database and administration.

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