In this blog , we will try to understand the rac command that will help for rac administration

crsctl stat res -t

crsctl query css votedisk


env |grep ORA

crsctl stat res -t

crsctl stat res -init

crsctl stat res -t -init

crsctl start crs

ps -ef|grep d.bin

crsctl disable crs

ps -ef|grep smon

srvctl config database -d

asmcmd showclustermode

locate crsd.trc

crsctl check cluster -all
ps -ef|grep tns

ps -ef|grep d.bin

crsctl stat res -t

crsctl stat res -t -init

crsctl stop cluster -all

crsctl start cluster -all

crsctl check cluster -all

crsctl check crs

crsctl stop crs
crsctl stop crs -f

crsctl start crs

crsctl enable crs

crsctl disable crs

crsctl stop has

crsctl start has

crsctl check cssd

cluvfy comp scan

cluvfy comp ocr -n all –verbose

ocrconfig --help

ocrconfig -local --help

ocrconfig -showbackup

ocrconfig -showbackuploc

olsnodes --help


srvctl config scan

srvctl status scan

srvctl status scan_listener

srvctl config database -d RACCDB

srvctl status database -d RACCDB
srvctl stop database -d RACCDB

srvctl status instance -d RACCDB -i RACCDB1

srvctl status instance -d RACCDB -i RACCDB2

srvctl stop instance -d RACCDB -i RACCDB1

srvctl start instance -d RACCDB -i RACCDB1

srvctl status listener -l LISTENER

srvctl status listener -l ASMNET1LSNR_ASM

srvctl stop listener -l LISTENER

srvctl start listener -l LISTENER
srvctl start database -d PRODB -o nomount
srvctl start database -d PRODB -o mount
srvctl start database -d PRODB -o open

How to find the OCR location?

cat  /etc/oracle/ocr.loc 
/u01/app/ query css votedisk

How to find the OLR location?

cat /etc/oracle/olr.loc
ocrcheck -local -config 

What is GPNP Profile and What it contains?


ASM and Clusterware: Which One is Started First?

kfed read /dev/oracleasm/disks/DATA1 | grep -E 'vfstart|vfend'
yum install bind*
yum install bind* --skip-broken
vi /etc/resolv.conf
service named restart
service firewalld stop

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