RMAN Format Specifiers

Format specifiers allow backup file names to be customized.

The following substitiion variables can be used:

%a Database Activition ID
%b Base name – only vaied for SET NEWNAME and image copies
%c Backup piece copy number
%d Database name
%D Day of month (DD)
%e Archive log sequence number
%f Absolute file number
%F System-generated name. See below
%h Archived redo log thread number
%M Month (MM)
%N Tablespace name
%n Database name – Right padded with ‘x’ character e.g. TESTxxxx
%p Piece number within backup set
%s Backup set number
%t Backup set timestamp. Use with %s to provide unique name
%u Short system generated file name. 
%U Long System generated file name.
%Y Year (YYYY)
%% Percent (%) character

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