Disable firewall to connect putty to remote server

systemctl stop firewalld

systemctl disable firewalld

First two network adapter

Click on VM –> Setting 

Add Two adapter

1) NAT – > Assign the NAT adapter -> CUSTOME with NAT

2)BRIDGE Adapter 


Click on Edit - > Virtual network Editor. NAT adapter need to be assign with following IP

Go Inside vmware and click on power button then click on setting symbol

Ens33 needs to be assign with dynamic ip and ens37 need to be assign with static ip

ens33 looks like below

ens37 setting as below

Both ethernet ens33 and ens37 need to be connected. Make sure you select automatic on option from ethernet setting

Restart server and validate all setting saved properly

Open vmware linux terminal and fire below command.

init 6


Open putty and enter the IP address and also so other setting of putty

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