Check the hadoop services status. Below datanode service is not running

hdoop@hadoop:~$ jps
2258 ResourceManager
1730 NameNode
2038 SecondaryNameNode
2391 NodeManager
2735 Jps

go to core-site.xml and check the path of tmp directory. We need to remove and create same directory

hdoop@hadoop:~/hadoop-3.2.1/etc/hadoop$ pwd

        <description>A base for other temporary directories.</description>
        <description>The name of the default file system></description>

rm -rf /home/hdoop/tmpdata

mkdir -p /home/hdoop/tmpdata

open hdfs-site.xml and remove datanode and namenode directory

vi hdfs-site.xml

rm -rf /home/hdoop/dfsdata/namenode
rm -rf /home/hdoop/dfsdata/datanode/

mkdir -p /home/hdoop/dfsdata/namenode
mkdir -p /home/hdoop/dfsdata/datanode/

Format namenode and start all services. You will find datanode there

hadoop namenode -format

hdoop@hadoop:~/hadoop-3.2.1/etc/hadoop$ jps
4064 SecondaryNameNode
3729 NameNode
4264 ResourceManager
3866 DataNode
4717 Jps
4398 NodeManager

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