Create, Delete and Modify Services in Oracle RAC

1.Creating Service in Oracle RAC :

[oracle@node1 ~]$ srvctl add service -d orcl -s myservice -r orcl1 -a orcl2 -P BASIC

Here we have created service named myservice with preferred instance orcl1 and available instance orcl2.

To check all available parameters of service creation :

[oracle@node1 ~]$  srvctl add service -h
  1. check the status of service :
[oracle@node1 ~]$ srvctl status service -d orcl -s myservice
[oracle@node1 ~]$ srvctl start service -d orcl -s myservice
  1. check service configuration :
[oracle@node1 ~]$ srvctl config service -d orcl -s myservice
  1. Modifying service :

<br />[oracle@node1 ~]$ srvctl modify service -d orcl -P none<br />

Now lets, check the status with config command

<br />[oracle@node1 ~]$ srvctl config service -d orcl -s myservice<br />

We can see here TAF policy specification is changed to NONE from BASIC

  1. deleting a service :
[oracle@node1 ~]$ srvctl stop service -d orcl -s myservice

[oracle@node1 ~]$ srvctl remove service -d orcl -s myservice

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