In this Blog, we will see how to delete a node from multi node grid infrastructure setup.
Current GRID NODES : Node 1, Node 2, Node 3
Node tobe deleted : node3.
Grid Version : 19c.
1. Precheck.
2.Delete Oracle Instance from node3 using DBCA.
3.Deinstall the Oracle Database home from node3.
4.Deinstall Grid Infrastructure home from node3.
5.Delete clusterware config.
6.Post Check.

  1. Precheck :

Check whether all nodes are unpinned or not.

[oracle@node1 ~] $ olsnodes -s -t  

Check the Cluster resources.

[oracle@node1 ~] $ crsctl stat res -t   

2.  Delete oracle instance from node 3 using dbca.
If any database instance is running on the node, then this need to be removed before deinstalling grid.

[oracle@node1 ~] $ crsctl status resource -w "TYPE = ora.database.type" -t

Run dbca from node1:


Instance successfully deleted. Now proceed with deinstalling the oracle db home.

3.  Deinstall the Oracle database home from node3.

 [node3]$ cd $ORACLE_HOME/deinstall

Few error like failed to delete directory got reported. We can delete those directories manually.

[oracle@node3]$ rm -rf /oracle/app/oracle 

4.  Deinstall grid infrastructure home from node3.

[oracle@node2 ~]$cd $GRID_HOME
[oracle@node2 ~]$./


[root@node3 ~]# /crsapp/app/oracle/product/19c/crs/install/

5.   Delete clusterware config.(Run on node 2)

— as root user run below command from node 1

[root@node2 ~]# /crsapp/app/oracle/product/19c/bin/crsctl delete node -n DBHOST4
CRS-4661: Node DBHOST4 successfully deleted.

Delete remaining directories:
Deinstall script might fail to delete few file/directories. So we can delete them manually.

 rm -rf /crsapp/app/oracle/product/19c
rm -rf /crsapp/app/oracle_base

6. Postcheck

Run cluvfy postcheck script

[oracle@node2 ~]$ cluvfy stage -post nodedel -n DBHOST4 -verbose

Check updated cluster resource:

[oracle@node2s ~]$ crsctl stat res -t

Hope It Helps!!!!!

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