How to get Interview calls | Job Websites

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  • 23 Apr, 2019
  • 2 Mins Read

How to get Interview calls | Job Websites

I am working with IT industry from many years and while working I have understood the way to get the job calls. I will try to share the same experience with this blog.

You will find many online website asking for resume upload but very few will work much well. I will list down few website which are really good to get job call easily.

Naukari is one of the best website to get the call for your job. I have observed most of the call received through this portal. Naukari also provide the premium plan with less amount. Premium calls gives the no of calls depends upon the plan you are choosing.

Along with naukari there are other website which are really helpful to get the good job calls.

Monster and Indeed are website like Naukari.

Few things need to take care if you are looking for job calls.

  • Resume creation

Most of the people make the mistake while creating resume. Resume should be short and simple. interviewer must be understand your skill sets while reading the resume.

Resume includes Objective/summary,skill sets,experience,projects,personal details.

  • Upload the resume on Naukari, Monster or Indeed Portal

Once the resume creation is completed then this is the time to create profile on job portal. Upload the resume on job website.

  • Heading

Heading is really important part and most of the employer/HR get attracted by seeing your heading only. Keep the headline matching to your skill sets.

Following are the few examples for Heading in Job portal

  1. Oracle DBA at Cognizant Technology Solution.
  2. Hadoop Developer at Infosys
  • Key Skills

Employer search the employee based upon the criteria of key skills. if the key skills match then definitely your application will be on the top. you need to add key skill as much as possible. Get the keyword related to skills and add it to job portal.

Following is the example of key skill from

  • Notice Period

When you resign from current company then you need to serve the notice based upon the contract written in offer later.Employer looking for candidate who can join the next company immediately.

You need to mention the notice period on naukari portal. Immediate joiner always get the first preference as client asking to deliver the project soon and employee will not get the chance to look after new opportunity.

mention your notice period if you are service notice period or ready to join immediately. you will find this option easily on job portal.

  • Update your profile daily

Its always recommend to update the resume on daily basis. Job portal algorithm makes the resume on top based upon the last modified date of resume.

Some time we don’t have anything to update on resume then you can simply just add .(full stop) to heading and remove it on next day. this will definitely change your last modified date of your resume.

  • Complete Job Website details to 100%

Job portal will ask for various details which will reflect in percentage. you need to fill all the details so that your profile will reach to 100%.

Details include personal information,previous employer information,experience,project worked,skills etc.