Oracle Database Architecture - MCQ

1)   How many layers does the Oracle database have?

       a. 1
       b. 2
       c. 3
       d. 4

2)   Which of the following are types of segments

       a. Permanent segment
       b. Object segment
       c. Data Segment
       d. All of the above

3)   A _____________ is a set of tables physically stored together as one table that shares a common column.

      a. Index
      b. Object
      c. Datafiles
      d. Cluster

4)   What are the elements of the redo log buffer and Shared pool?

       a. PGA
       b. Buffer cache
       c. Both a and b
       d. SGA

5)   The size and content of the PGA is independent on the Oracle server options installed.

      a. True
      b. False

6)   What do the schema objects comprise of?

      a. Table
      b. Index
      c. Cluster
      d. All of the above

7)   The basic memory structures associated with Oracle are the System Global Area (SGA) and the Program Global Area (PGA).

      a. True
      b. False

8)   Which of the following components comprise of an oracle architecture?

      a. Database related background processes
      b. Tablespaces
      c. Datafiles
      d. All of the above

9)   The size and content of the PGA is independent on the Oracle server options installed.

      a. True
      b. False

10)   Which area of PGA stores binding variables and runtime buffers information?

      a. SQL area
      b. Private SQL area
      c. Stack space
      d. Session area

11)   Which of the following is the most probable use of an extent?

      a. Stores user data within the database
      b. Stores rollback information used when data must be rolled back
      c. Minimize the amount of wasted (empty) storage
      d. Both a and c

12)   Which is the smallest unit of storage in an Oracle database?

      a. Data Block
      b. Segment
      c. Extent
      d. Data file

13)   A _______________ is used to logically group data together.

      a. Database
      b. Tablespace
      c. Datafiles
      d. Object

14)   Which of the following segment is destroyed when the SQL statement is finished?

      a. Temp segment
      b. Object segment
      c. Data Segment
      d. Temporary segment

15)   Can there be more than one datafile per tablespace?

      a. Yes
      b. No

16)   Where is the data dictionary kept?

      a. SYSTEM tablespace
      b. Stack Space
      c. Data file
      d. None of the above

17)   Oracle automatically creates the SYSTEM tablespace.

      a. True
      b. False

18)   Which processes is an instance made of?

      a. Oracle background processes
      b. Memory processes
      c. Data processes
      d. All of the above

19)   What is the use of an index?

     a. Retrieve data more quickly and efficiently
     b. Related data requires much less I/O overhead if accessed simultaneously
     c. Simplify the user’s perception of data access
     d. Both a and c

20)   What is the use of Library cache?

     a. Contains User information, such as user privileges
     b. Used to store shared SQL
     c. Log of changes made to the database
     d. All of the above

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